Radiographic Testing (RT): γ (gamma) rays

Our inspectors perform radiography with 5 projectors:

3 projectors containing Ir-192 source

1 aparat z virom sevanja Se-75

1 aparat z virom sevanja Se-75

dedicated to Crawler M18 device, which enables a panoramic radiography of a weld from the inside of the pipe (we are the only one in Slovenia)

Radiographic Testing (RT): Χ-ray


Ultrasonic testing (UT) and measurements

Our inspectors perform Ultrasonic Testing with two portable ultrasonic flaw detectors: 

GE IT - Krautkramer USM GO

GE IT - Krautkramer USM 35X

Other expert equipment and intellectual property:

Mobile laboratory with automatic film development machine


mobile lab with a darkroom

Properly equipped vehicles to access off-road objects

Dacia Duster

3 machines for automatic film development

one is located in a mobile laboratory – allow us to evaluate films instantly, which drastically speeds up the response time and the flow of information back to the field

ISO standards

Lectures, education, counseling, process execution