Consulting, education, research

Research activities

We participate in research projects, for example cooperation with museums regarding archaeological findings.


We collaborate with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which is part of University of Ljubljana. Students are able to participate in practical NDT demonstration.
We are also present as a lecturer at different lectures, especially concerning castings, industrial radiography procedures and transportation of dangerous goods according to ADR, class 7. 

Safety adviser

Our safety adviser for the carriage of dangerous goods, who is especially an expert for class 7 (radioactive material), is certified for all kinds of ADR counseling and preparation of all documentation you need as a carrier of dangerous goods.

Supply of Ir-192 and Se-75 sources

Via our business partner in Hungary we can provide you an Ir-192 source (we obtained a special license from Hungarian authorities to transport radioactive sources on Hungarian territory) and via our business partner in Germany we can provide you a Se-75 source as well.